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Property management can be a real pain if you don’t have right tools for it. NOI stands for Net Operating Income is a software that is used for efficient property management.

It has multiple features which make property management easier for manager even if they are physically in the same surrounding as the tenant.

NOI makes it easier for property manager to prepare a contract between both of the parties. The contract is prepared by keeping the American market in mind.
NOI shows you reminders for rent collections for different properties, so a property manager be done with his duties on time.
NOI is an ideal software for both tenants and property manager and it saves time and cost while providing an effortless, organized working of property management.


Tenant can ask for any maintenance using NOI without having any trouble.

Rent Collection

Through NOI, tenant can pay rent from their payment method.


NOI keeps your documentation in place, in case you need it any time.


If you want to rent or sell your property NOI helps you in advertise.

NOI is not only for the market manager, if you are tenant you can also get a great deal of help from this software.

  • You will be provided with every piece of information about your contract including the documentation required.
  • You will be reminded about the rent dates so you do not get behind your rent and everything works smooth.

NOI also has a complaint registration for tenants who want repair or fixture of things on the property, tenants can directly lodge their complain to the manager and the manager can then get it fixed without having to go through any hassle.

One stop solution for all your property related needs.

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